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Andalousia - Our first cycling tour - April-May 2007

This was nearly one year ago and hence some memories might be fading away (such as some hotel names etc.). Nevertheless - here is what we did.

Itinerary (Total 570km):
you can find the map here:

Day 1 - Arrival - Seville Airport - distance approx. 20
It is a bit tricky to find a way from the airport to Seville by bike as the only road that goes there is a highway. So for those interested: There is a dirt road that follows the highway and gets you to a cross-road where you can join a normal road. (this is where we had our first flat tyre).

Day 2 - (by train Seville - Las Cabezas) Las Cabezas de San Juan - Villamartin - Prado del Rey - Zahara de la Sierra- 75,68 km
Note that until Villamartin the road is not very interesting it is only once you get to the hills that it becomes a real pleasure.
In Zahara we stayed in Los Tadeos -nice and cheap.

Day 3 - Zahara - Ronda - El Burgo - 72,01 km
This was one of the most beutifull parts of the trip. The part Ronda-El Burgo takes you up the hill to the pass "Puerto del Viento" - 1200m. The trafic is low and the scenary is awesome.
The only negative point is the way to Ronda where you have to share the road with all the cars going to Ronda.

Day 4 - El Burgo - Alozaina - Casarabonela - Alora - 53,11 km
We stopped to eat in Alozaina. We decided for the perfect pick-nic spot: the court of the Alozaina church which has a view over the orange tree orchards.
Note that it was a bit hard to find a hotel in Alora - there are only two of them.
My only regret - we did not go to El Chorro and I think it might have been worth it.

Day 5 - Alora - Antequera - El Torcal Camping - 53,11 km
The road is nice and Antequera as well (though it is not a must). The El torcal camping is very good.

Day 6 - El Torcal - Villa Nueva de la Conception - Puerto de las Pedrizas - Villa Nueva del Rosario - Villa Nueva del Trabuco - Los Alazores - Loja - 79,26km
This part required some serious efforts as it took us through two passes. We went first up to the
Puerto de los Monteses (880m) than down to Villa Nueva de la Conception and again up to Puerto de las Pedrizas (780m). The remaining part is nice and less demanding. In Loja you arrive to Olive trees country.
Note that Loja is really not interesting. If you can avoid staying there, do it. The only hotel we found was at the outskirts and not very nice. The only advantage of this town - the train station.

Day 7 - Loja - Granada (by train)
Day 8 - Granada
Day 9 - (Granada - Loja by train) Loja - Algarinego - Priego de Cordoba - 67,52 km
Very nice day and Priego de Cordoba is definately worth a stop.

Day 10 - Priego de Cordoba - El Esparragal - Luque - Zuheros - Baena - Castro del Rio - Santa Cruz - 84,3 km
Unil Baena the road was nice. Than we decided to spead up and went on the main road (N432). Mostly because we wanted to arrive to Cordoba as soon as possible and because it was about to rain. We first wanted to stay in Espejo but there are no hotels there. All we found on our road was a "road hotel" called after a dog (don't remember the name anymore). There are two of them one on each side of the road. It was better than nothing and really cheap.

Day 11 - Santa Cruz - Cordou - 20 km
Day 12 - Cordou
Day 13 - Cordou - Medina Alzahara - Cordou (-Seville by train) - 30 km
Our original plan was to follow the road past Guadliquivir but it was dizzling and the road was very boring. I guess it is better if you have time to go through the hills north of the river. We didn't and therefore we returned to Cordoba and took the train which allowed us to spend more time in Seville.
Day 14 - Seville
Day 15 - Seville
Day 16 - Departure (Seville - Airoport) - 13 km

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